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(Playlist) 90s SIX FEET UNDER - In 40 Minutes

Warpath by Six Feet Under is one of the greatest death metal albums of all time. There - I said it ... now let the snickers and beratement begin!

Yeah, Six Feet Under in the 2Ks has been a disaster, but in the 90s this so-called supergroup was a force to reckon with ... especially on that classic sophomore release. So here The Mighty Decibel compiles a playlist of their best material from the 90s for your listening abusement.

Suffer in ecstasy!!

Haunted (1995)

(0:00) The Enemy Inside

(4:18) Silent Violence

(7:51) Suffering In Ecstasy

Warpath (1997)

(10:35) War Is Coming

(13:49) Animal Instinct

(18:32) Death Or Glory

Side 2

(21:22) Manipulation

(24:16) Revenge of the Zombie

(27:06) Caged and Disgraced

Maximum Violence (1999)

(30:40) Bonesaw

(33:48) No Warning Shot

(36:53) Hacked To Pieces


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