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(Playlist) 70s STYX - In 40 Minutes

We here at The Mighty Decibel have gone through a love/hate relationship with Styx over the past five decades. The overblown progressive vibes and sickly sweet harmonization creating a push/pull vortex that makes for a turbulent relationship.

However, since last year's absolutely mind-blowingly-good Crash of the Crown (our album of the year!), we've definitely been sending good vibes Styx way recently.

In our latest In 40 Minutes installment we celebrate the best in 70s-era Styx.

C'mon all you superstars, join me on this midnight ride!!

Side One

Styx II (1974)

(0:00) You Need Love

The Serpent Is Rising (1973)

(3:50) Witch Wolf

Man Of Miracles (1974)

(7:50) Southern Woman

Equinox (1975)

(11:00) Lorelai

(14:24) Midnight Ride

Crystal Ball (1976)

(18:44) Put Me On

Side 2

The Grand Illusion (1977)

(23:40) The Grand Illusion

(28:06) Superstars

Pieces of Eight (1978)

(32:00) Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)

(36:08) Renegade

Cornerstone (1979) (40:12) Eddie


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