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(Playlist) 70s SCORPIONS - In 40 Minutes

German veteran unit Scorpions is hitting my home town of Toronto this week, so why not celebrate the band's best work from the 70s?

Can't get enough ...

Side One

Fly To The Rainbow (1974)

(0:00) Speedy's Coming

In Trance (1975)

(3:35) Dark Lady

Virgin Killer (1976)

(7:00) Pictured Life

(10:23) Backstage Queen

(11:34) Virgin Killer

Taken By Force (1977)

(15:16) Steamrock Fever

Side 2

(18:58) He's A Woman, She's A Man

(22:15) Sails of Charon

Lovedrive (1979)

(26:33) Another Piece of Meat

(30:00) Loving You Sunday Morning

(35:58) Can't Get Enough

(38:35) Coast To Coast


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