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(Playlist) 2K CANDLEMASS - In 40 Minutes

It's "Doom Metal Week" here at The Mighty Decibel, so it's an appropriate time to put together a playlist for one of the leaders of the sub-genre ... Candlemass. Specifically, we'll be listening to the best tracks from the legends' albums of the two thousands.

Doom on, people!!!

Side One

Candlemass (2005)

(0:00) Born In A Tank

(4:57) Seven Silver Keys

King of the Grey Islands (2007)

(9:57) Clearsight

Death Magic Doom (2009)

(16:49) If I Ever Die

Side 2

(21:42) Lucifer Rising

Psalms For The Dead (2012)

(25:25) Dancing In The Temple

The Door To Doom (2019)

(29:04) Astorolus The Great Octopus

(35:16) House of Doom

Sweet Evil Sun (2022)

(39:16) Sweet Evil Sun


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