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(Playlist) 2022 : THE YEAR IN HEAVY - In 40 Minutes

To The Mighty Decibel ears, 2022 was yet another strong year for all genres and sub-genres of heavy, so it's time to produce a playlist celebrating the year.

From trad metal, to hardcore punk, to doom, to extreme - we've got you covered.

Bring on 2023!!!

Side 1

(0:00) "Stoned Wizard": PETH - Merchant of Death

(3:04) "Spirit of Death": SAVAGE MASTER - Those Who Hunt At Night

(6:00) "Immondice": BOMBARDEMENT - Le Futur Et La

(8:04) "Speed Inferno": SEAX - Speed Inferno

(11:26) "Age of the Idiot": FREEDOM HAWK - Take All You Can

(15:22) "Black Metal Victory": SAVAGE NECROMANCY - Feathers Fall To Flames

(17:08) "The Green King Rises": 10,000 YEARS - III

(21:24) "Signal To Oblivion": IRONHAWK - Ritual of the Warpath

Side 2

(24:30) "Scythian Women": SANHEDRIN - Lights On

(27:50) "Speed Demons": XIL - Rip & Tear

(31:48) "Wish You Well": ERIC WAGNER - In The Lonely Light of Mourning

(36:12) "Blood Red Vision": SKUMSTRIKE - Deadly Intrusions

(39:36) "Beast inside": ELIZABETH - Elizabeth

(42:13) "Siren of the Air": STEEL INFERNO - Evil Reigns

(45:24) "Airboat": LIMOUSINE BEACH - Limousine Beach

(47:27) "In Punk We Thrash": ACIDEZ - In Punk We Thrash


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