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(Playlist) 1986:THE YEAR IN HEAVY MUSIC - In 40 Minutes

Welcome to 1986 when extreme metal flexed its muscles, pushing aside all other forms of heavy into the background. Some would argue that it just may be the greatest year in heavy music history given the preponderance of classic releases.

Thrash metal was the prime mover with Slayer's unfathomable Reign In Blood leading the way. Hardcore punk also made some noise with Final Conflict's Ashes To Ashes as its ringleader (an album I consider to be the greatest record of the sub-genre ever issued). Cryptic Slaughter and The Accused represent the crossover/speedcore front, while Agnostic Front carry the NYHC banner. Of course, Black Sabbath, Ramones and Motorhead were still making glorious noise in '86, as well.

Embrace the constant fear and ye shall be reborn!!!!

Side 1

(0:00) "Reborn": SLAYER - Reign In Blood

(2:11) "Command of the Blade": KREATOR - Pleasure To Kill

(6:05) "Shits Creek": CRUMBSUCKERS - Life of Dreams

(8:13) "Eternal Ban": DESTRUCTION - Eternal Devestation

(11:50) "Constant Fear/Political Glory": FINAL CONFLICT - Ashes To Ashes

(16:39) "Stand Before Kings": RAZOR - Malicious Intent

(19:25) "The Burning of Sodom": DARK ANGEL - Darkness Descends

Side 2

(22:40) "Power Thrashing Death": WHIPLASH - Power & Pain

(26:51) "Rage To Kill": CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER - Convicted

(28:37) "In For The Kill": BLACK SABBATH - Seventh Star

(32:16) "Fuckin' For Bucks": THE ACCUSED - The Return of Martha Splatterhead

(34:33) "Ridin' With The Driver": MOTORHEAD - Orgasmatron

(38:20) "The Eliminator": AGNOSTIC FRONT - Cause For Alarm

(41:30) "Love Kills": RAMONES - Animal Boy


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