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(Live Review) CHAOS & CARNAGE TOUR - Joliet, Illinois (Suicide Silence + Dying Fetus + more!!!!)



Suicide Silence

Dying Fetus, Born of Osiris, Aborted

Sanguisugabogg, Crowne Magnetar, Slay Squad

The Forge, Joliet, Illinois

April 22,2023

By The Beard & Little Johnny

Today, your erstwhile concert reviewer, The Beard, and of course everyone’s favorite maniacal sidekick, the irrepressible Little Johnny are in Joliet, Illinois at The Forge and are ready for stop #12, and bands #71-77 on our year-long The Reviews Never Stop Tour.

Tonight, we experienced Chaos and Carnage.

Seven bands of metal mayhem including:

Suicide Silence

Dying Fetus

Born of Osiris



Crown Magnetar


Slay Squad

The Beard is upstairs in the balcony, while Johnny is out there on the front lines, aka the sold-out main floor and we are ready for a long night of metal.

First up were California’s self-defined “Ghetto Metal” band:


Slay Squad is part rap, part hip-hop, and definitely part hardcore metal. This six-piece group gave us a 2023 version of what bands like Public Enemy were doing in the 1980’s. Not my personal thing, but not unlistenable either. Johnny liked the one singer’s hat, and let’s face it, “jump around” music right before a bunch of death metal is kind of like limbering up for our imp of the mosh pit. The Beard is going with a simple 70/100 for Slay Squad.

Second up was some Technical Death from Colorado:


Wow, even by death metal standards, that’s a brutal voice. Dan Tucker is the evil Cookie Monster all the way. I’m not too sure about the technical part either. It’s still hard for the Beard to pin down all the subgenres, but I would say they are combining death metal with grindcore. Let’s call them deathcore.

There are some decent guitars and drums, but, man, this is what I would describe as “bludgeon you with a pipe” music. This is all Little Johnny so far and I did see him popping it a bit in the main floor central pit. Again, this band is out of my element, so I am just going to say.


Third up are Columbus Ohio Death Metal act: