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(Hardcore Punk) DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - Final Slum War and Kritik

Let's enter into the world of the hardcore punk underground for some more short play releases ...

First up we have Barcelona, Spain hardcore punkers Final Slum War with their Agora Fudeu!! EP. Specializing in a physical version of the form, the band's rhythmic attack is what sets the band apart, executing like an experienced boxer delivering body blows, softening up the opponent before putting him down for the count. All the while, the vocalist provides the harsh, shout vocal commentary, daring you to lower your guard. Nothing fancy, just straight forward d-beated aural punishment over its eight tracks in eleven minutes. (7.5)

Next up, we stay in Barcelona, Spain for 4 Latars Demo from Kritik. Here's another case of blitzkrieg attack, this one utilizing the more traditional abrasive guitar approach though ... but let's not underestimate the brutal bass/drum salvos on display too. Recording levels red-lining, Kritik immediately lunge for throats and refuse to loosen the grip throughout this blistering hc punk assault. At four songs in six minutes, this may be short, but there's no shortage of in-yer-face aggression, the confrontational shout vocals adding the last piece to this careening form of aural abuse. Heads-down conviction on obvious display here. (8)

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