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(Folk Metal) KORPIKLAANI - Jylha album review

Release Date: February 5, 2021 (Nuclear Blast)

Written by Jeff Tighe

Finnish folk metal legends Korpiklaani are back with their 11th full length album since their 2003 inception. Although the songs here are a bit of a mixed bag, when they are in full flight, Korpiklaani are one of the most interesting bands around. The combination of the usual metal instrumentation with the accordion and folk fiddle can really get you moving when utilized properly. When these guys get the polka vibe going they are pretty amazing.

The best songs on this 13 song, one hour album tend to be the faster paced ones, such as "Niemi", "Levaluhta", "Pohja" and "Huolettomat". Some of the slower songs such as "Sanaton maa" and "Juuret" are well written and catchy, but there are a few others that are not quite up to the usual standard.

Main man Jonne Jaruela's vocals are as rough and glorious as ever. Not understanding the language of the lyrics is usually a detriment, but the guttural Finnish tongue really fits this type of music, similar to how the German language adds an edge to thrash. The band are in their usual fine form, particularly long-time guitarist Kalle Savijarvi and bassist Jarkko Aaltonen. New drummer Samuli Mikkonen fills the sound out well. There are no weak instrumental performances herein.

The only weakness on this effort are that a few of the songs are not as well written as the others, but even they aren't bad. If you are already a fan of the band then you will find lots to like on this album. (7.5)


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