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EXODUS ('85-90) - In 40 Minutes

Hello, my friends, where the music never ends. This episode we venture into the thrash metal world of Exodus, specifically focusing on their first four albums. With at least two tracks from each of the albums, this unarguably is the best era of the band's discography.

Thrash under pressure!!!

Side One

Bonded By Blood (1985)

(0:00) Bonded By Blood

(3:45) Exodus

(7:51) Piranha (11:38) Strike of the Beast

Pleasures of the Flesh (1987)

(15:35) Parasite

Side 2

(20:30) Choose Your Weapon

Fabulous Disaster (1989)

(25:10) Verbal Razors

(29:16) Open Season

Impact Is Imminent (1990)

(33:07) Changing of the Guard

(39:55) Thrash Under Pressure


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