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(Album Review) GASOLINE GUNS - Motor Cult

Release Date: May 30, 2021 (Mythrone Promotion)

Written by Jeff Tighe

Emerging from the Ukraine is some top shelf metal 'n' roll courtesy of Gasoline Guns. Motor Cult is the sophomore full length album from the band since their formation in 2013. With 9 songs clocking in at 35 minutes these guys don't overstay their welcome.

The title of this album is apt given that the first impression is that it is similar to (but not derivative of) the mighty Motorhead. Lemmy always introduced the boys as a rock'n'roll band and these guys are of a similar vein. This is heavy enough to interest metal heads, but it has that rock'n'roll swagger that you find in bands like the Supersuckers and Nashville Pussy.

For this reviewer this is the type of music that hits the sweet spot. Heavy enough to avoid being commercial, but still written with an ear to writing a catchy riff and memorable chorus. The band provide great instrumentals and lead guitarist Danylo Sobolev's lead breaks are short, as befits the nature of the music, but excellent regardless.

The lone fly in the ointment are the English language vocals of Dmytro "Talladega". He sings with a Cookie Monster gurgle affectation that is distracting and irritating. From his screaming of the title in "Under a Wicked Sky" it sounds like he has a natural gravel in his voice that would be more than interesting enough, and adding the extra guttural bubbling is unnecessary and detracts from the songs. If he had sung/shouted with his natural voice this album would be significantly better.

Still, there is some damned good stuff in here. Highlights include "Wheels of Rust", "Bourbon Burns", "Under a Wicked Sky", as well as "And That's Why We Drink". All are great singalong beer drinking rock'n'roll for the metal set. This is the kind of stuff they should play on the rock stations on the radio, but never will. A couple of songs are bit plodding, like "Hell Thunder" and the fist half of "This Road is a Snake", but they are good enough that you won't be tempted to push the skip button.

Overall, a very good album that could have been great. Add a full point to the rating of this album if you have a high tolerance for silly, over-used gurgle vocals.



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