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R.I.P. Pete Way (UFO, Waysted, Mogg Way)

It was just two months ago that we reported the death of Paul "Tonka" Chapman. It is now sad to report the loss of another UFO alumnus, bassist and rogue-about-town Pete Way.

Best known for his work with UFO during their earlier years, Way was known for his bass-below-his-knees, stumbling stage performances that always brought a smile to the faces of fans. However, it is his song-writing skills that will forever be remembered as he authored/co-authored such legendary tracks as "Shoot, Shoot", "Mother Mary", "Too Hot To Handle" and "Lights Out" with the English rock legends.

He also was the leader of the underrated Waysted, whose The Good, The Bad and The Waysted remains one of my fave hard rock hidden gems. Below you'll find Chapman and Way rocking out live with their Waysted mates.

R.I.P. Pete Way

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