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(Video) CLASSIC CONCERTS: Judas Priest, Scorpions, Def Leppard and Quiet Riot at Dortmund Pop Rock

A mere seven months after the much ballyhooed "Metal Day" at US Festival in May of 1983, the Dortmund Festival was held in December of the same year with what I would argue was a much stronger roster of bands. Out was Van Halen, Triumph and Motley Crue ... and in their place was substituted Iron Maiden, MSG, Krokus and Def Leppard. A more than equitable trade to be sure!

In Part 2 of our video series reliving the Dortmund Festival, we'll witness Priest Defending The Faith, Scorpions doing the Love At First Sting rounds, Def Leppard supporting their last half-descent record (Pyromania) and Quiet Riot doing whatever it is that they do (heh, heh).

Makes you wish you were there!

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