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DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - Lockheed and Convince reviews

Once again we delve into the depths of the underground to unveil new short-length releases that deserve our attention ...

First up we visit Mexico where Lockheed has recently issued their 4-track, 8-minute Conflict Delirium EP. Going for the knockout from the opening note, the band attack with hardcore punk ferocity, the bulldozing bass and drums delivering continuous body shots throughout. Short blasts of ear-piercing lead guitar salvos and intermittent d-beat sections are included to add to the punishment, while the vocalist barks/screeches out incoherently in an appropriately aggressive manner. This is one of those releases that is as much a physical form of abuse as it is aural. Think Discharge crossed with The Exploited. Approach with caution. (8.5)

After retreating to the corner where the cut-man administers some assistance, we stumble back to the center of the ring again only to take another batch of uppercuts this time from Moscow's Convince via their 8-track, 21-minute Russian Jawbreaker EP. Containing re-recorded versions of earlier songs from the band, we are again beaten up by a d-beat crust punk maelstrom similar to the aforementioned Lockheed. In this case the rhythm section isn't quite as predominant (but still punishing), with relatively more focus given to the guitars in the mix instead. Additionally, the vocals are more guttural, more in line with Napalm Death's Barney Greenway. Retreating again to our corner, the manager throws in the towel. (8)

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