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VOMITORY - Blood Rapture

Release date 2002 (Metal Blade)

Flashback review originally published in Rip'N'Tear Magazine #15

Does the prospect of an album which combines the pounding passion of Vader's Litany, the unrelenting rhythmic attack of Krisiun's Conquerors of Armageddon and the swirling evil of Slayer's Hell Awaits intrigue you? Then you will be most interested indeed by Vomitory's Blood Rapture, a thirty-two minute exercise in sonic, high velocity obliteration.

You bet your ass that this is heavy enough to appeal to the most diehard death metaller, but Vomitory also add well conceived chugging passages and dual guitar harmonies, enhancing this memorable, albeit crazed, chaos. Every song hits the metal jugular with precision and passion; this will surely elicit some serious hair swirling and pit action in a live setting.

Breathless and exhilarating, Blood Rapture is the best death metal album of the year so far. Let the bloodletting begin.


Update: Yep - a great thrash-infested death album which narrowly edges Kataklysm's Shadows and Dust for best DM release of 2002. (8.5)

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