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KISS + DAVID LEE ROTH - Live in Peoria, Illinois

Civic Center on Saturday, February 15, 2020

This was my 30th time seeing KISS and it is really starting to hit that the end is actually near. If, in fact, the band stays true to the title of this long running tour, they for sure will go out on top. This is the third time seeing KISS on The End of the Road and the stage show never ceases to impress. The updated set list includes a couple of new songs, which in my opinion are an upgrade. “Parasite” is my all-time favorite KISS song, while “Crazy Nights” and “Tears are Falling” are terrific representations of the great Paul Stanley song writing of the unmasked 80s. The only weak link that remains in the set is “Say Yeah” from Sonic Boom.

Other than that, the 21 songs that KISS deliver are a great array of music that spans their illustrious and tumultuous career. Highlights include the opener, “Detroit Rock City”, “Deuce”, “100,000 Years” (featuring Eric Singer’s great drum solo), “War Machine” and “God of Thunder”. Aside from “Say Yeah”, there’s not a weak link in the set. Gene breathes fire during “War Machine” and spits blood before “God of Thunder”. Paul flies out to the second stage in back of the sound board for “Love Gun” and “I Was Made for Loving You”. Every song has something visually stimulating, whether it be bombastic flames and explosions, to amazing lasers and lights.

The inevitable questions about the validity of Paul’s voice, along with Tommy and Eric playing the Catman and Spaceman, will always come up. Is there vocal enhancement for Paul? During this show it was more prevalent than ever, but it does not hurt the production. In fact, it helps it. Tommy Thayer is incredible in his role and nails every solo whether it be one of the many Ace Frehley solos or Tommy’s take on a Bruce Kulick or Vinnie Vincent solo. Eric Singer is a beast. Is it unsettling that they are wearing Peter and Ace’s old makeup ? Slightly, but let’s put it this way - there is no way Ace could play professionally like Tommy. There would be no tour if he was back in the band. I’ve seen Ace live recently and it would be an embarrassment. Peter Criss? No way. Gene and Paul run a successful business and in order for that to succeed, you need professionals, not washed-up rock stars. By the way, out of those 30 times seeing the band, my favorite shows did not include Ace or Peter. They included Vinnie Vincent and Eric Carr in 1983, Bruce Kulick and Eric Carr in 1990 and Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer on this tour.


Setlist :

  1. Detroit Rock City

  2. Shout it Out Loud

  3. Deuce

  4. Say Yeah

  5. I Love it loud

  6. Heaven’s on Fire

  7. Tears are Falling

  8. War Machine

  9. Lick it Up

  10. Calling Dr. Love

  11. 100,000 Years

  12. Cold Gin

  13. God of Thunder

  14. Psycho Circus

  15. Parasite

  16. Love Gun

  17. I Was Made for Lovin’ You

  18. Black Diamond

Encore :

1: Beth

2: Crazy Crazy Nights

3. Rock and Roll All Nite

David Lee Roth opened the show with a kick-ass 11-song set that sounded great. His band is incredibly tight and I don’t know if they are tuning down to his range, but Dave sounded his best in years. In fact, I enjoyed this more than the last Van Halen tour. It sounded great and was nothing but fun.


Setlist :

1 You Really Got Me

2. Beautiful Girls

3. Unchained

4. Panama

5. Jamie’s Cryin’

6. Tobacco Road

7. Runnin’ With the Devil

8. Just Like Paradise

9. Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love

10. Just a Gigalo

11, Jump

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