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ZEKE - Death Alley

Flashback!! Release date 2001 (Aces and Eights)

Review originally published in Rip'N'Tear Magazine, Issue #13

Zeke returns to action, solidifying the band's status as the kings of punk'n'roll with this 16-song, 28-minute whiplash inducing, riotous release. While 98's Kicked In The Teeth and 99's Dirty Sanchez aurally raped the innocent, Death Alley will incite Zeke freaks into a dribbling, maniacal mob, while happily splaying novices along the way. What makes this band so special is its ability to tie amphetamized rock'n'roll, bristling energy and crushing power into half-hour celebrations of anarchy that are equivalent to willingly receiving a lobotomy.

While the majority of tracks speed by at 'what-the-fuck' velocities (check out the wildly catchy "The River", which is reminiscent of Kicked In The Teeth's "Telepath Boy", and "Into The Night", effectively Maiden's "Charlotte The Harlot" fed through a rock'n'roll grinder), this Seattle outfit adds three relatively mid-tempo ditties to allow you to catch your breath before proceeding to annihilate once again. If you can handle dirty, unbridled, headbanging, air-guitar-inducing punk'n'roll, this is the platter for you my friends. Play it loud!


Update: If you love high energy, fun rock'n'roll played at dangerous speeds and haven't heard of Zeke, you owe it to yourself to check 'em out. Start with this release or Kicked In The Teeth ... don't be surprised if you find yourself subsequently picking up all seven of their full lengths. Zeke rules!! (9)

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