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DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - Hellevate and Revogar

As the calendar turns over to a new decade, The Mighty Decibel continues to delve into the depths of the demo/singles/mini-album/EP abyss ...

Kansas City's Hellevate get things going with their new three-tracker, Krampusnacht (Independent). Opening with the title track, the band hilariously sends up the European Christmas tradition with a chorus of "Your life is lost, he'll stuff you into his sack and you are never coming back", including a sleigh-bells-with-youthful-cries outro for effect. Nothing like a warning to lock up your kiddies during the festive season! Musically, this is a hard one to pin down. There are elements of hardened power/trad metal, as well as Slayer-inspired riffage,

with a crushing delivery that simply smokes, putting it squarely in the middle between the extreme and trad ends of the metal spectrum. The closest that comes to mind is Destructor's Maximum Destruction. Memorable power thrash! (8)

Next up we have blackened death unit Revogar, sporting their new Conqueror of the Unholy Light (Independent) five track, fifteen minute mini-album (to add to their full length and EP issued previously). As with many Brazilian acts, Revogar's central tenet is rhythmic ferocity, the triumphant tribal drums especially being a focal point here. However, it veers from war metal terrain by utilizing some subtle tempo shifts and blackened riff passages, along with Wagner Santos' hybrid death roar and gargle vocals. Hard enough for purists, but accessible enough for those just testing death metal waters. Good stuff. (7.5)

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