TOP 20 E.P.s OF 2019

The end of 2019 is nigh, so it's time for end-of-year lists.

Our first is a list of the top 20 E.P.s of the year. For clarification, our definition of 'E.P." here is any release that isn't a full length album ... meaning that we include singles, maxi-singles, mini-albums, demos and E.P.s up for consideration. Additionally, links to reviews of the selected releases in question can be found under each title for ease of access.

It was a great year for non-full length releases this year, especially in the extreme metal genres. So let's get on with celebrating the year 2019!


Black thrash

2. FLAMEKEEPER - We Who Light The Fire


3. LUCIFER'S FALL - Split EP w/Cardinal's Folly


4. TEMPTRESS - Temptress

Metal Up Yer Ass!!

5. MEGATON SWORD - Niralet

Epic metal

6. SODOM - Out of the Frontline Trench


7. NIHILSECT - Verge of Collapse (Bandcamp)

Black Crust


Doom (instrumental)

9. PASSEISME - Austerity Parade

Melodic black metal

10. HATE MANIFESTO - Herald of Triumph

Black / Death

11. EVIL - Split w/Seige Column

Black Thrash

12. MISANTHROPIST THERAPY - Battle of the North Instrumentals

Black (Instrumental)

13. ULFARR - Hate & Terror - The Rise of Pure Evil

Black metal

14. MAL DU SIECLE - Lost Relics from the Ancient Satanic Cult

Primitive black metal

15. THE SOLOS - To The Moon

Atmospheric / Soundtrack

16. RIPPER - Speed & Violence

Speed metal

17. BEASTMAKER - Eye of the Storm

Melodic doom

18. THE GAVEL - Rotten Remains


19. DESTRUCTO - Untitled


20.T TRUCHLO STRZYGI - Nad Ktormi Nie Czuwa Zaden Stroz


20.T CRUEL BOMB - Manhattan Mischief

Thrash / Crossover

20.T SANITY CONTROL - Demo 2019

Thrash / Speed

Note: Flamekeeper and Sodom were received/reviewed later in the year after our 'Top 10 EPs of 2019' podcast was recorded.