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CRO-MAGS - Revenge

Release date January 18/00 (Cro-Mags Recordings)

Review originally published in Rip'N'Tear Magazine, Issue #6

Revenge's first track, 'Premeditated', immediately sends the message out to all and sundry that one of New York's hardest bands is indeed back in business, as the aggressive hardcore with slicing guitar rifferama leaps out of the speakers with malicious intent. The second track ("Jones'), however, is a startling revelation. The Cro-Mags marry their typically hard music with a catchy, melodic chorus that slays. Perfect. The balance of Revenge basically fluctuates between the two approaches, making for a diverse and exciting listening experience that has to be heard by all hardcore freaks, and should be given attention by metalheads, as well.

Rocky George of Suicidal Tendencies fame provides the flaming guitar leads (and is in fact touring with the band), joining bassist/vocalist/"aggravant" Harley Flanagan and guitarist Parris Mayhew on this incendiary collection of true hardcore tunes. The band have issued this themselves, so it is available online via their web site if it is not available at your local record store.

Revenge is most definitely sweet, indeed!


Updated analysis: This fifth Cro-Mags full length ended up being the band's final release (to date), sadly being ignored by the masses. Saw them live on this tour and they slayed, a sweaty, bruising good time had by the few who showed up at the gig. Regardless, the album still resonates some 19 years later, the introduction of melody here still making the blood pressure rise. Check it out! (8)

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