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ULFARR - Hate & Terror - The Rise of Pure Evil

Release date October 31/19 (Purity Through Fire)

Man, I haven't heard this amount of extreme, bleak misanthropy in ages. This six-track, twenty-nine-minute EP by Ulfarr seems to actually wallow in miserable desolation to the point where you could imagine the U.K. unit slicing their wrists and using the expended blood to autograph each and every disc purchased by their similarly anti-social fan base. I shouldn't give them any ideas though, since I'd like to hear more from them in the future.

Eschewing normal naming conventions, each of the tracks are assigned as "Parts" (I to VI), each one making a headlong dive into second wave blackness. The most obvious influence that can be sussed out here is Darkthrone, sharing the same smear of a black/punk guitar sound that can be found on Ravishing Grimness, and the violent output of Craft. The beyond-grim vocal delivery perfectly suits the 'I hate you' messages being delivered here too, coming across like some crazed lunatic directing his contempt directly towards you ... and you have nowhere to retreat in response. Grim extremism.


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