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Release date August 30/19 (Bandcamp)

The Mighty Decibel's #1 EP of 2019!!!

Made up of a duo who are also involved in an old-school black metal project (DungeonHammer), the lads instead put on their hightop running shoes here for some high tempo black thrashin' under the Horrid Apparition banner. Pistons popping from first note to last, riffs enthusiastically darting in and out, the energy is palpable here, enhanced further by a great performance from their vocalist who delivers in a confrontational shout a la Tom Araya.

Catchy as hell too, both 'Baphomet' and the title track share the same agitated excitement of Show No Mercy-era Slayer. I dare you to try and not headbang along to this. Some may complain that the two tracks share the same tempo (fast, motherf****er!), but its delivered with so much moxy that you just greedily take it all in. Hell, it's been a long time since this bedraggled headbanger has been this excited about a new outfit. While the output is limited to two tracks (over eight minutes), the potential for greatness is obvious. Could this be the next Slayer? Some of the best extreme metal of the year. Hail!


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