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DISFEAR - Misanthropic Generation

Old School !!! Released August 12, 2003

Review originally posted in Rip'N'Tear Magazine Spring 2004

Disfear take kick ass, thundering heavy metal and mix it with hardcore punk tempos and vicousness, resulting in an album that sounds like Lemmy jamming with Discharge. Wild Phil Campbell-inspired guitar solos and the absolutely ripped snarls/screams of the one-and-only Tomas Lindberg are then added on top for the extra wallop to the senses.

Relentless and uncompromisingly nasty, this is the very stuff that makes hard music such an inspired musical force. I shit you not - this crushing, rip-me-a-new-asshole album will revitalize and replenish your need for heavy metal. Absolutely riveting in its power and intensity, Disfear prove once again that on the eighth day, God (or was that Satan?) created heavy metal.


Updated analysis: Despite this album not setting the extreme metal world on fire as I anticipated, I still stick by my review. When in the mood for some righteous D-beat, I still reach for Misanthropic Generation some 16 years later. Additionally, in retrospect - of course it was Satan! One of the best albums of 2003 - classic. (9)

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