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DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - Cold Curse and Wraith

Once again, we delve into the underground for its latest EPs, singles, mini-albums and demos ...

First up we have California's COLD CURSE mixing metallic hardcore with death metal on their Violent Measure EP (Creator Destructor Records). If having old Entombed-style riffage with a guy who graduated from the Martin Van Drunen school-of-death-roaring vocalizing over top sounds good, then this one is for you. Containing four tracks over eleven minutes, 'Clandestine' attacks relentlessly in classic blow-back-your hair style, while the other three tracks mix tempos creating a heaving, satisfying sound that will appeal to all you death-heads out there. [7.5]

U.S. trio WRAITH up next with their Absolute Power mini-album (Bandcamp) containing nine tracks over twenty-eight -minutes of black/speed/thrash. Precision speed with lascivious vocals for those who like lots of neck-straining tempos in their music. Hard charging riffage is the key here, enthusiastically headbanging stuff that would fit comfortably next to your Witchery and Midnight records. Prime cuts: 'Devil's Hour', 'The Curse', 'At The Stake' and the mid-tempo 'Absolute Power'. Also includes a cover of the Misfit's 'Death Comes Ripping'. [7.5]

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