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DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - Sabotage and Zombie Apocalypse

We wade once more into shark-infested territory for some more extreme demos, EPs, mini-albums and singles ...

First up we have The Order of Genocide (Bandcamp), the debut release from India-based thrashers SABOTAGE. Regular readers will know that this thrasher prefers the rawer, more primal version of the form (refer to the Teutonic Big Four) as compared to the more rigidly delivered Bay Area sound (Metallica, Testament and Vio-lence). That's not to say that there aren't worthy bands out of the San Fran scene though. Luckily for us, Sabotage's sound refers to one such band - Death Angel. We're talking headbanged chugging riffery, with accessible shout vocals and plenty of time changes to keep you on your toes. Professionally recorded and played, especially the rumbling rhythm section, this should raise eyebrows in the thrash scene. Good stuff. [7]

Next up is ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, the side project for several members of Shai Hulud, with their Life Without Pain Is A Fucking Fantasy EP (Innerstrength Records). Described as a crossover band by their label, what I hear instead is a hardcore band with thrash tendencies. At the core is some speedy, and at times playful, hardcore, where intensity and melody are incorporated making this a mighty tasty piece of aggro to consume. Short movie/tv show snippets are inserted within the nine short tracks (covering 15 minutes!), delivered in a stream-of-consciousness blur, making for one high energy, confrontational release. Take the huge breakdowns of Hatebreed, add in some quirky, catchy Designs For Automotion-era Snapcase, mixed with a little Slayer, then add some vocals that come across like an enraged Lou Koller (Sick Of It All) and there you'll end up somewhere near what you'll hear here. Impressive. [7.5]

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