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(Podcast) HIDDEN GEMS: Speed Metal Albums

Originally published July 25/19

We continue with our Hidden Gems series where we bring to light albums that haven't been given appropriate levels of fame and attention in our opinion.

This edition we focus on speed metal. Let's accelerate into the good times, shall we!


(2:09) WHIPLASH - Power & Pain

(6:53) IRON ANGEL - Hellish Crossfire

(10:39) HALLOW'S EVE - Tales Of Terror

(13:17) EXCITER - Kill After Kill

(16:52) DEFLESHED - Fast Forward

(19:47) THE CROWN - Deathrace King

(23:52) REVENGE - Harder Than Steel

(28:43) SPEEDTRAP - Straight Shooter

(32:34) CHEVALIER - Chapitre II

(36:40) RIPPER - Speed & Violence

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