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TOXIC CARNAGE - Doomed From The Beginning

Release date June 8/19 (Bandcamp)

Despite having numerous splits, demos, singles, etc. under their belts, Doomed From The Beginning represents Toxic Carnage's initial full-length foray. Not sure why it has taken the Brazilians so long to pop the debut cherry given the strength of this blistering piece of underground thrash. Instrument competence, writing chops and professional production in obvious display, this is not the product of a new band struggling to find their sound.

A little Witchery here (cue the upbeat tempos and Toxine-like vocals), a little rough'n'tumble Germanic thrash there, along with some straight forward speed metal (refer 'Biological Attack'), Toxic Carnage has landed on a sound that will resonate with hardcore thrashers. Hell, 'Speed Demons' even refers to Exodus' Bonded By Blood opus and isn't that a Whiplash reference on 'Diabolic Possession'? Talk about having superior taste!

Would love to see these guys live, as there's no doubting that they'd cause pandemonium in the pits of discerning thrash metal crowds. Excellent debut.


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