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SADISTIC RITUAL - Visionaire of Death

Release date June 14/19 (Unspeakable Axe)

Despite being a recording entity since 2010, Visionaire of Death represents Sadistic Ritual's debut full length release. Labelled as a thrash metal band, to these ears they sound more like a blackened speed/thrash unit. That may be splitting hairs, I know, but the preponderance of straight forward speedy riffage and the BM vocals (that recall Toxine of Witchery fame) cannot be ignored.

Despite showing their influences a little too closely a few times (the title track opener includes references to Anthrax's 'Among The Living' and closer 'Cerebral Sacrifice' inserts 'Reign in Blood' rhythmic patterns), the Atlanta-based unit has successfully carved out their own sound here. At times coming across as a tough North American-style thrash unit (think Testament and Anthrax), while at other times sounding like one of the German big four or a heads-down speed metal unit, this is one diverse and hard-hitting release that will appeal to the extreme underground fanatic. Great lead guitar work too.


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