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GIN LADY - Tall Sun Crooked Moon

Classic rock warning!!!

Yeah, I expect that many of you headbangers and hard rockers will automatically shut down upon hearing the threat of a classic rock review in these hallowed pages. But, hey, every once in a while it's good to imbibe some wimphem to recharge the corroded batteries.

In this case we have Swedish unit Gin Lady with their fourth full length Tall Sun Crooked Moon. The strength of this release is most definitely found in the variety brought to fruition as a result of all four members being songwriters. In some cases there's some Neil Young and Crazy Horse-style rocking ('Everyone Is Love' and 'The Visit'), while at other times we visit the U.S south a la the Allman Brothers ('Sweet Country Living'), or simply settle into smooth, hummable rock in the vein of Tom Petty ('The Darkest Days Of All Time'). Repetition ain't in the cards here.

Could have done without 'Gentle Bird' (a slow bluesy turd that goes Beatle-esque part way through), but otherwise this release is chock-a-block with perfect summer, feel-good fare that would be welcome on any pool deck. Joyous, well performed and full of heart, a great album to play for your non-metal friends, just to show that you're not one-dimensional!


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