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PODCAST #44 - New & Upcoming Releases (Extreme Metal Edition)

Our 'New & Upcoming Releases' podcast series introduces new underground releases to our listeners. This episode we focus solely on extreme metal.

Let the mayhem begin!


(0:51) VADER - Thy Messenger (Nuclear Blast)

(3:02) CRUEL BOMB - Manhattan Mischief (Bandcamp)

(6:47) GRAVE INFESTATION - Infestation Of Rotting Death (Bandcamp)

(11:50) CRUSH THE ALTAR - Abhorrent Oblation (Bandcamp)

(16:52) CRUEL MASTER - Demo VII (Bandcamp)

(19:02) TERROR ACTIVATOR - Moshing Is Available (Bandcamp)

(21:53) BEHOLDER (Brazil) - Die Hard In A Dungeon (Bandcamp)

(24:11) DEATH ANGEL - Humanicide (Nuclear Blast)

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