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CRUEL BOMB - Manhattan Mischief

Release date March 31/19 (Bandcamp)

I usually constrain myself to one paragraph for an EP/demo/single/mini-album, but Cruel Bomb's debut EP Manhattan Mischief warrants a little more analysis than most. First of all, I doubt that the Pennsylvanian unit paid their producer/engineer what he/she was worth for their work on this. I can't think of any other EP or demo that I've ever heard (and I've consumed more than most) that sounded this good, this perfect for what a band is delivering. Damn - every instrument is in your face, drums a-pounding, blubbery bass-work bitch slapping ya, while the guitars thunder along. Other up-and-coming acts should seek out and hire whoever is responsible for this sound.

I guess I should talk about what the Pennsylvanian group is all about, shouldn't I? That would be punishing thrash, with a hint of crossover (mostly as a result of the shout vocals that recall Billy Milano). Five tracks (including an intro) over thirteen minutes greets the curious, which will likely get the extremist's blood flowing. The band is equally adept at any speed, bludgeoning at slow, pounding at mid and simply letting loose at high speeds, instrumentalists more than capable of handling the challenges of the different velocities. Sounds like an unholy amalgam of S.O.D., Sacred Reich and Celtic Frost. Hell yeah!


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