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DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - Terror Activator and Vectis

Once again join The Mighty Decibel in its never-ending search for quality demos, EPs, singles and mini-albums ...

TERROR ACTIVATOR gets things going this time with their four-track debut EP entitled Moshing Is Available (Bandcamp). One look at the cover art (depicting a long-haired, bleeding dude with backwards-turned baseball cap holding up a sign with the album title) and you can envisage a wild crossover pit with lots of flailing limbs, broken bones and flowing blood. The first two tracks match the mental vision perfectly, high intensity thrash-cum-punk riffs dished out liberally with bobbing bass lines and vocals spat out in heated Bob Reid (Razor) manner. However, the final two tracks are where this beast really takes off. 'Self' starts off with a bass intro, but quickly evolves (devolves?) into an absolutely face-melting 2:20 minutes of off-the-rails moshing bliss. Closer 'Demise Of Disgrace' starts out old school mid-tempo Metallica before heading into a high-speed-but-controlled-headbang-of-a-riff that is sure to get the pit moving. Iron Reagan and Municipal Waste fans should check this out. Good stuff. [7]

Altogether more raw and roughshod, Portugal's VECTIS up next with a three-track (not including short intro) EP entitled The Executioner (Bandcamp). Rudimentary comes to mind (in a good sense), bringing you back to the days when youthful ignorance ruled the underground. Think old school black thrash like Sodom's Obsessed By Cruelty and Sarcofago's I.N.R.I. to get in the right head space. Highlight track is the concluding 'Warriors Of Hell' which starts out with an ear piercing guitar squeal before the band launch themselves enthusiastically into the freight-train powered ditty. Worth the visit alone. [7]

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