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MARTYRDOD - Hexhammaren

Release date May 25/19 (Bandcamp)

Not sure how I've missed Martyrdod up to now. Yet another mighty fine D-beat unit out of Sweden, this veteran unit has been in existing since 2003 with Hexhammaren being their fifth full length release. While the overall intensity and harsh vocal style utilized here certainly harkens to the last two Disfear discs (Misanthropic Generation and Live The Storm), Martyrdod differentiate themselves through the insertion of melodic black metal riffage within their tracks.

The production is relatively clean, ensuring that the melodic guitar refrains resonate, but also allows the bottom end and the bull-horned vox to lay the smackdown at the same time, creating a potent combination. At once soothing and pummeling, this is perfect for extremists who like a modicum of tunefulness within their ear shattering excess.

Prime cuts: 'War On Peace', 'Cashless Society' and the title track.


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