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ASOMVEL - World Shaker

Release date May 3/19 (Heavy Psych Sounds)

Motorhead lives on through the punishing grooves found on this third full-length release from the U.K.'s Asomvel. Rumbling Rickenbacker bass taking front stage, emphatic don't-give-a-fuck lyrics roared rather than sung, and guitar-on-stun embellishment seemingly added as an afterthought, this takes you back to the mighty Overkill album. Close your eyes, then turn it way up and you'll clearly envisage Lemmy, Fast Eddie and Philthy Animal blasting this out in your mind's eye. Way cool!

The bass-as-a-lead-instrument is so up-front in the mix that your sub-woofer may threaten to shut down from excessive vibration. Then some straight-between-the-eyes lead guitar solos will send you scrambling for cover. Seriously, this is simply a blast to rock out to.

Yeah, yeah, it ain't original and some of the tracks are too repetitive/simple, but it's done with so much passion and energy, that all is not only forgiven ... it's friggin' encouraged! Hopefully the next album sees the band "evolving" and taking us on a flight on a Bomber. I'm booking my ticket now.


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