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DEMO/EP ROUNDUP - Passeisme and Path To War

We continue delving into the demo/EP/single/mini-album abyss ...

Remember the folk opening that leads to a Udo shriek on Accept's 'Fast As A Shark'? Of course, you do! PASSEISME turn the idea on its ear here with an opening gambit of a Parisian man waxing poetically on piano who is then rudely interrupted by a blackened bellow. Ears sufficiently attuned, the Russian group then present two tracks (over eight minutes) of brilliant melodic blackness. The star of Austerity Parade (Bandcamp) though is vocalist KK who sounds like a slightly demented fella being thrown in a patrol car, whose expulsions are being muffled by the arms of some of Russia's finest. Very cool! [8]

Maryland's PATH TO WAR next, with their two track Spring Promo (Bandcamp). Specializing in seriously heavy death metal, they down-tune their guitars and create a furious, pummeling racket, led by a buzzing rhythm section. One of those "I can feel it in my ribs" entities, they use tempo and riff changes to good use, never letting things get samey. Gotta say that the guttural, mumbling vocals aren't necessarily to my tastes ... once you've heard one zombie you've heard them all. Regardless, this is one really solid entry that DM fanatics will likely drool over. [7]

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