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FORDAERV - Knep Dig Selv Ihjel

If you're looking for some punishing grindcore, this debut full length from Denmark's Fordaerv (translation - 'corruption') will deliver the beat-down you're looking for. The rhythmic intensity of this thing is off the charts, the churning guitar/drum interplay punching holes in your gut until you're left lying in the fetal position in a corner, whimpering in acquiescence. Imagine a drunken Swedish death metal band playing really, really fast hardcore punk in their practice space and you'll be sonically in the right head-space.

No clue if the singer is using Danish, English or gibberisdh

here, his preferred 'let's-cough-up-another-lung-this-song' vocal approach making lyrical deciphering virtually impossible. That's okay though, the band obviously utilizing his throat as another weapon in their already impressive arsenal. 16 tracks and 19 minutes later you'll find yourself willingly hitting the repeat button for another beating session.

And to think that this is only their debut. Can't imagine what excess they'll go to next outing. Impressive.


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