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FIAT NOCTUM - Fran Forna Minnen

Release date February 14/19 (Bandcamp)

Originally written over twenty years ago, but not recorded until now, we have the debut album from Swedish black metallists Fiat Noctum. Now, my ears always perk up at the chance of hearing some new Swedish blackness given the absolute crushing stuff that this country has provided us over the years. Thy Primordial, Bathory, Marduk, Abruptum, War, Triumphator, Setherial, Funeral Mist, Dawn, Nifelheim, Necrophobic ... the list goes on. Will Fiat Noctum join the ranks?

Short answer - yep. While the production is kinda muted, this little fault can be fixed by simply turning the sucker up real loud. That way the blistering opening one-two punch of 'Ett Vintarike Fott' and 'Dar Skymning Radar' can sear your brain with its boiling hatred. Molten guitar riffage at insane tempoes with hints of melodic guitar passages pummel the ears while vocalist (and drummer) Svartblot uses his throat as another weapon, belching out tales in his native tongue. 'Lida' follows, pressing on the brakes for some mid-tempo, stomping fare, while the remainder of the 34-minute affair stays mostly in up-tempo attack mode. A little bit of Thy Primordial here, a touch of Funeral Mist there and a hint of Marduk elsewhere ... yet another Swedish BM unit worthy of your attention has been birthed.


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