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KICKER - Pure Drivel

Release date February 8/19 (Tankcrimes Records)

For those of us who are real old and were actually punk fans back in the 1970s, this is a blast from the past. For younger folk, this is something odd (in a good way!) to investigate.

This is Kicker's third album. The 11 tracks (26 minutes) are heavily influenced by first generation punk along the lines of the Cockney Rejects. This UK outfit have put together 10 tracks of primo old school punk (the last track, "Goodnight and Fuck Off" is a throwaway novelty song).

The songs are simple, driving punk with working class Brit vocals. Most of this album sounds like it was recorded in 1978, but hey, that ain't a bad thing.....1978 was a great year for music.

The best songs are the instrumental "Intro", "Montie Rio" and "Wankers on the Bus", but all of the first 10 songs are pretty good. For readers who like their punk straightforward, uncomplicated and raucous, this is for you.


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