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BEWITCHER - Too Fast For The Flames

Release date March 8/19 (Shadow Kingdom)

Up next is a transitional release from speed metalists Bewitcher, who have issued a two-track EP to fuel the flames for their upcoming sophomore full length. The title track kicks things off in speedy old-school form, coming across like debut-era Venom. The vocals are spat out with aplomb similar to Cronos' croaking approach at the mic, while a muscular riff takes centre stage. Gotta say that the short lead guitar solo here is a little more "musical" than what Mantas spewed out back then though (heh, heh). A really fun track.

Side two of the 7" contains a cover of Wasp's 'Show No Mercy' (the b-side of their 'Animal (Fuck Like a Beast)' single), sped up (naturally!) and with less histrionic vocals than Blackie's grating warble. Not quite as hard hitting as the title track, but still a fitting inclusion on this little precursor of a release. Looking forward to hearing the new full length. Job done!

Note: Took a look at some You Tube footage of them ... these guys look and sound really good live, too.


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