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THETAN - Abysmal

Released February 1/19 (Anti-Corporate Music)

"We are Thetan, and we want to hurt you." Prophetic words indeed from the band's Facebook page, the two-piece bass guitar/drum unit (sans lead guitar) from Nashville live up to that decree on this their second full length. Playing high energy hardcore punk with a dose of grind, the bulldozing bass matches the blasting drums in intensity and intent, while the bassist also does double-duty expelling hardcore shouts/screams until he's blue in the face. Surprising that you don't miss the guitar in the maelstrom, the bass/drum combination filling out the sound quite nicely, thank you.

At their best, Thetan shares the same space as the underappreciated Cryptic Slaughter, that being short, spastic bursts of ultra-high speed, sweat infused mayhem. Dizzying power violence to the hilt. They also insert the odd mid-paced ditty, along with discordant noise passages to create some sonic differentiation within the din. Eighteen songs and 18 minutes later, the listener is left battered, beaten and confused.

Fave tracks: 'Focused Hatred', 'Pathetic', 'Missing Person' and 'Singularity'.


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