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RITUALIZER - Blood Oaths

Released November 29/18 (Bandcamp)

Traditional metal fans will be pleased to hear this debut EP from Brooklyn, New York's female-fronted Ritualizer. The lengthy title track opens proceedings with a speedy riff outta the 80's accented by some tasty guitar leads, before going through some twists and turns that harken back to the first two Mercyful Fate opuses. PJ Berlinghof's vocals acrobatically maneuver throughout the various changes, mixing clean, screech and deranged vox adeptly.

'Haunted' follows with another NWOBHM headbanger of a riff, Berlinghof again nailing the vocals, especially during the crazed mid-section. 'Night Terrors' closes things out, a more commercial track that could best be described as being similar to something off of Dio's Holy Diver. Catchy as all hell, it would fit nicely on Ozzy's Boneyard and the like. Kudos to this young outfit for being able to deliver something so professional and effective its first attempt at bat. Impressive.


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