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AVI ROSENFELD - Very Heepy Very Purple VIII

Released 2018 (Bandcamp)

This self-released effort is the 40th(!) album from the very prolific Avi Rosenfeld. As the title suggests, this 10 track, 48 minute effort is the 8th album by Mr. Rosenfeld inspired by the classic rock sounds of Uriah Heep and Deep Purple. The predominance of organ in the mix is an explanation for the title of this album. But there are other influences at play here as well, as there are nods to Rainbow and old Iron Maiden among others within the songs.

Rosenfeld writes the music and lyrics, and plays guitar on all tracks. The remainder of the musicians on the album rotate in and out, playing on a song or two. There are nine different lead vocalists given credit (but I swear, when I listened to it I thought they were the same guy!), and dozens of other musicians on bass, drums and organ. I haven't looked at the other 39 albums, but if they are like this one, Rosenfeld must have utilized every rock musician in his home country of Israel by now.

Overall, this has the feeling of a demo from a bar band that you know and love. The bass and guitar are sometimes too low in the mix, and the vocals are suspect on more than a few tracks, although the instruments are generally played with enthusiasm and competence. The lyrics also swerve into juvenile sometimes, but perhaps English is not Rosenfeld's first language. As a result, it should be no surprise that the best track on the album is the instrumental "Jon Snow".

Despite the garage rock feel, this album has one stand out quality: the music itself is catchy and really well written. In particular, check out Never Die and Mas Rapido Que La Luz. If Rosenfeld wants to be taken seriously as a rock star, he should find a high quality vocalist, and stick with him (as well as getting a stable band to back them).

But really, this reviewer recommends that Rosenfeld use his massive catalogue as demos to hire himself out as a song writer to established rock acts who have their own lyricist. He's that good at it, and that is where the money is anyway.

If you are interested in hearing what Rosenfeld is all about or purchasing any of his music, visit .


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