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BUBONIC WRATH - The Hemorrhaging In The Womb Of A Gutter

Released November 28/18 (Bandcamp)

Third EP since their inception eight years ago from Tuscon, Arizona's Bubonic Wrath is up for consideration here. At the core is some strident black/death riffage, that is delivered with lusty enthusiasm and mighty fine musicianship, however, wild/discordant guitar passages are often pasted over top giving this record an undeniably chaotic edge.

Certainly not an easy listen, Bubonic Wrath challenges listeners to fight through the maelstrom to separate the two layers of intensity being pushed at you. All the while, vocalist Khaine Alhazared pushes air like a Carnival barker trying to peddle his last stuffed animal late into the last night of the season (ie. really raspy). Having the four tracks then bleeding into each other simply adds to the overall 'what the f*** just hit me?' vibe.

15 minutes of unhinged sonic violence awaits those who decide to partake herein.


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