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Released December 23/18 (Dying Victims Productions)

Out of France is spewed this split MCD for our auditory evaluation. First up is the rough and ready Mortal Scepter who provide three tracks of old school thrash punishment. Harking back to the very early days of Kreator when tempos were furious and melody was absent, the band charge hard throughout the two original tracks, embracing the riot of violence of old. Vocals are mostly spat out in a Mille Petrozza spittle, but the odd banshee shriek a la Destruction's Schmier is also added for effect. A competent run through of Death's 'Left To Die' rounds out the three tracks that Mortal Scepter provide.

Deathroned are up next, also providing two original tracks and one cover. First track 'Night of the Sinner' starts out with a raucous mid-tempo riff with some crossover bass inserted, before ultimately developing into a furious speed/thrash charger. Enthusiastic barks and shrieks make up the vocal side of the equation, a perfect fit for this type of street level warfare. "Speed Takeover' follows in a similar speed infatuated manner, while they close off with a fun cover of Violent Force's 'Sign Of Evil'.

Altogether an enjoyable romp through an exuberant, youthful take on 80's thrash.


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