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PODCAST #14 - New & Upcoming Releases (Extreme Metal Edition)

Our 'New & Upcoming Releases' podcast series attempts to introduce new music to our listeners that they may otherwise not have a chance to hear. This episode we focus solely on extreme metal.

Let the mayhem begin!

(0:25) FUNERAL BASTARD - Grave Cult Ascension (Bandcamp)

(4:32) OFERWINTRAN - Oferwintran (Darker Than Black)

(8:58) THE CASUALTIES - Written In Blood (Cleopatra Records)

(10:33) TERRORIZER - Caustic Attack (The End)

(14:04) EVIL - The Gate Of Hell (Nuclear War Now!)

(15:59) HOLOCAUSTO - Guerra Total (Nuclear War Now!)

(20:16) KRYPTAMOK - Profaani (Helter Skelter)

(22:43) BLACKRAT - Dread Reverence (Shadow Kingdom)

(28:17) PARANOID - Heavy Mental Fuck-Up (The Sign)

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