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THUNDERDOME - The Man Of Rolling Thunder

Released September 28/18 (Bandcamp)

Out of Canada's capital city (Ottawa for those not from The Great White North) comes this debut EP from Thunderdome. Like an insidious drug, the more I listen to this 4-tracker the more I found myself wanting to hear it again. A rollicking heavy metal outing played with heart and skill, The Man Of Rolling Thunder manages to harken back to 80's hard rock/metal without sounding retro or dated.

'Get Judged' kicks things off with a high energy kick to the nether regions, a speedball metaller with a "show no mercy or fear!" refrain. While Sean Orlicky's old school style of warble vocals are usually teamed with doom metal, they work mighty fine within the more traditional metal style found herein. The title track follows, a heads-down pounding metal track, with a catchy chorus and a mid-song breakdown that builds back to a crescendo. 'DC Special' switches gears slightly, going all hard rock with a main riff that could have been lifted from The Cult's catalogue, incorporating a fine lead guitar solo and another memorable chorus. Thunderdome conclude the 16-minute EP with the kick-ass 'Lord Of The Riots', Orlicky declaring "I'm a goddamn motherfuckin' lord of the riots, I come here to watch it burn!". My ears are still ringing ... the band can consider the job done.


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