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ATOMICIDE - Furious & Untamed

Released June 28/18 (Iron Bonehead)

Out of Chile comes lumbering the, ahem, furious and untamed Atomicide with an eleven-minute E.P. for your listening pleasure. The title track opens proceedings, wind swept terrain and ominous drumming provided until a bone crushing, doomed riff arches forth, ultimately transforming into a blast-beated death/thrash concoction. We're talking wall-of-sound intensity with the odd dive-bomb guitar solo thrown in for that extra pummeling effect. The second and last track ('Flagellant Rust') has you running headfirst into a brick wall again, the band getting down to the same rhythmically fierce attack ... which is damn fine to this extremist's ears.

The guttural belches could be perceived as one-dimensional, but, in reality they act as just another weapon within the band's arsenal in delivering their heavy-as-concrete material. The fine production job should also be called out, all instruments discernible within the face melting assault, making this one violent entry in the death/thrash stakes.


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