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EXXXEKUTIONER - Death Sentence

Released October 19/18 (Ulthar)

Here we have the debut mini LP from UK thrashers (and English-spelling destroyers) Exxxekutioner. Despite hailing from Jolly Ol', the band's core sound seems to be influenced by rough'n'tumble thrash from Germany. Riffs are delivered with that same heads-down conviction of the Sodoms/Kreators of old and vocalist Cliff snarls in fine throat-gargling form.

Other forms of the sub-genre are also referenced throughout the 24-minute, eight-track release. There's an overall speed/thrash aura that pervades, while 'Necromancy' includes a nod to Bathory first-wave blackness and 'Death Worship' is a quick-picking, regimented track that points to Metallica.

While the whole package is strong, the three track conclusion ('Necromancy', 'Beyond The Grave" and 'Black Witchery') proves to be the highlight, bringing the listener to a violent end. Highly enjoyable stuff from this youthful unit.


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