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LA CHINGA - Beyond The Sky

Released September 7/18 (Small Stone)

The band painting that adorns the cover of this third full length from Vancouver's La Chinga certainly embraces the old school hard rock look, bell bottoms and requisite posing in full, enthusiastic view. Imbibing the 11-track, 45-minutes it becomes clear that the band's core sound is rooted in psychedelic hard rock (think Frank Marino), the guitar work bringing the hallucinogenic goods. However, other rock influences come through as well, giving this release a diverse sound.

There's some funky rock ('Mama Boogie' and 'Death Rider'), Led Zep worship ('Keep On Rollin'), BTO lughead rocking ('Black River' and 'Killer Wizard') and some laid-back riffage ('Feel It In My Bones'). Additionally, 'H.O.W. (Are You Ready)' starts out all Van Halen, then morphs into Airborne pub rock territory, while 'Warlords' main riff is a love letter to Montrose's 'Space Station #5'.

While it must be said that it certainly is an enjoyable listen (especially trying to play 'find the musical references'), I found myself wishing that the band rocked-out a bit harder. More intensity if you will - less Lenny Kravitz and more The Four Horsemen, if you get my drift. That said, there's no doubting the strength of this hard rock effort though. Impressive.


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