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CHAOSHORDE - Hordes Are Rising

Release date August 1/18 (Bandcamp)

Four-track, fifteen-minute EP from Greek speed/black metal enthusiasts Chaoshorde on tap here. The title track opener gets things going with a bang, the high speed riffage and guitar tone bringing to mind the intensity of early Whiplash outings. Way cool. Second track 'Outcasts' stays with the speed theme, but embraces the black metal side of the equation mainly through the blackened hoarse bellowing vocals of Horny Grandpa. The addition of some fine lead guitar soloing also adds to the overall aura of the track. Third song 'Under The Unholy Banner' starts out with some introspective, light picking before exploding into a black speed fireball, again strengthened by some fine piercing guitar work. A pummeling cover of Agent Steel's 'Agent Steel' concludes the package in fine form.

Chaoshorde have hit the mark with this debut EP which should gain the unit a following as they hopefully build toward issuing a full length. Very promising.


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